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Owner and Creative Mind
In season soaps

I'm Fanny,

Thank you for visiting our store!

I'm a wife to my best friend of 18 years. I'm a mother of three beautiful children. I live in Hanson, a small town on the south shore of Massachusetts surrounded by woods, ponds, and salty beaches. 

I love of things handmade and value all things natural. I started making natural soap to nurture the needs of my own family. I became aware of the many unnecessary things that go into our skincare products. I wanted to provide quality body care products that were safe for our skin without all the other unnecessary ingredients.

Along the way, I found friends that were also looking for alternatives to their allergic conditions. Many of my customers are just looking for a more natural product vs. a commercial soap (detergents).  We use only the finest natural organic ingredients, free of parabens and toxins. We make everything by hand and in small batches. I am proud to put my name on each of our products!

I am grateful and humbled that having so many options out there you choose to prefer us.

Thank you,



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